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Welcome to Newport Mesa Audiology's Vestibular Rehab Therapy Page

For many patients, Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) offers new hope for living a safe and dizzy free life. VRT is a proven, personalized approach that is frequently more effective in resolving vestibular symptoms than other options, such as:

    * General exercises�VRT is often more effective than non-targeted PT (physical therapy) or OT (occupational therapy) exercises because it targets and treats specific problematic areas within the visual, somatosensory and vestibular systems
    * Medications�medicines may temporarily relieve discomfort by suppressing the vestibular system, but alone, they fail to address underlying physiological causes. For many VRT is better than medications alone.
    * Settling for only partial relief�many times after their dizziness subsides, patients convince themselves that they feel �a little better� and stop seeking a long-term solution. This makes them even more vulnerable to future episodes and to harmful or potentially fatal falls.
    * Doing nothing�With time, your dizziness may subside on its own. But that doesn�t mean your condition is gone. If the cause is viral, symptoms will recur each time the virus is activated. Individualized VRT, administered by Dr. Mango and his staff, can be effective in preventing future relapses.

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